$85 per slide show    Up to 150 Photos )

4 very easy steps and you will get the slideshow within a week

  1.  Pay for the slideshow via paypal
  2.  Drag and drop the photos of your choice into a folder the link for which will be emailed to you 
  3.  Send us 3 songs
  4.  Review your slideshow on Youtube (link emailed to you). If everything looks good, we will mail you 2 copies of theslideshow on dvds.

Up to 150 Photos 
( about 15 minutes ) 

Color Correction & Basic Photo Enhancement

Transitions between the photos

Beginning and ending titles

Up to 4 Photo Captions

Up to 3 Songs 

Custom DVD Menu

Custom DVD Label

Custom DVD Case

Please note that image quality has been greatly reduced in order to provide for fast downloading time. The DVD that you receive will be of much higher quality.   

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